Do you know Notepad’s .LOG feature?

Thought of posting a simple feature of notepad that might be useful for many who log things in a file for various purposes, mostly this can be used for simple things that needs to be logged.

In Notepad, type ".LOG" (case sensitive) in first line of the file and save it, now close and reopen the file, current date and time will be inserted in the last line and you can type information and save.


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Blog issue…

Recently I was doing some changes in my blog and I just found that there was some problem in few posts in my blog, which is totally not related to the changes I’ve been doing, not sure when this happened, actually images weren’t displayed (in this & this post). If you have read them before, just check if you have seen their images too.

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What is an RSS feed and how to use it? (especially for developers)

Update: Google Reader is in the process of discontinuation, I use digg’s feed reader these days.

feedlogo Even though RSS is out there for a long time, there are people(even programmers) who still don’t really know what an RSS feed is, even if they know what it is, most of the them don’t really understand how feeds can be helpful for them.

If you ask to some of your friends about..“feed”, “web feed”, “RSS feed” or “ATOM feed”, they may say “I am not sure”, but if you ask them.. “noted an orange icon in the browser’s address bar?” they most probably say “yes”.. everyone notes that.

So I thought of writing a post to introduce feeds(for those who don’t yet know) and the benefits I have noted when using them.


What is an RSS feed or ATOM feed or web feed?

It’s a way a website provides updated content which you can read via your feed reader. It’s generally called web feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, more about RSS here. There is another popular format called ATOM, more here.


What is a Feed Reader?

It’s a software or web application you can use to subscribe to the feeds of websites. You can use feed readers to aggregate all of your favorite websites’ feeds in an organized way. Feed readers automatically check the feeds and let you know if any new content is available in the website, you can configure how often you want to do this check. You can read the new content in your feed reader itself.

You can try Feed Demon, Google Reader, etc. Even latest versions of all popular browsers provide options to subscribe to feeds, but I recommend a feed reader application as it could provide more options to manage your feeds, for example, accessing in any PC if it’s a web application(or has online synchronization), categorizing feeds, etc.


How to subscribe to a feed?

  • Find the feed url by clicking the feed1 icon in the browser’s address bar or use the icon/link provided by the website itself.
  • You will be taken to the feed, copy the feed url, add in your feed reader by pasting the url


Uses of feeds..

  • Basically, using feed readers to subscribe to all your favorite websites/blogs provide you a single organized location where you can update all your feeds and find out which website/blog has new content, instead of visiting each one manually to check for new content.
  • You can use feed readers as a bookmarking application too.
  • Feeds mostly provide abstract of the full content, so you can decide to visit the site only if you want to read more about a particular content.
  • Most feeds including mine nowadays use FeedBurner, which provides more options to the user, like, you can subscribe to the feed via e-mail, to get alerts when new content is posted.
  • Feed readers provide categories which I use to organize feeds and read them based on my mood.
  • Even I don’t prefer feeds some times..when I prefer visiting the website/blog, as its design is good and I like to read with the layout of the website, but still I subscribe to the feed to see if there is new content, then click the heading and visit the actual website/blog to read further.

There is another fact I should say frankly, the author would be happy to see the no. of subscribers to his/her feed, and most websites(including this) would like to showcase their subscribers to promote them, so by subscribing to the feed you can actually support the website or blog too.

That’s it, hope you got some basic idea about web feeds and hope you’ll start using feeds and don’t forget to subscribe to my feed :)

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More secure gmail?

Just a quick tip.. if your gmail url is you might be wondering whether it is secure(as it is not https), it isn’t so secure, but recently Gmail changed its default mode to https, most people get the url as https when they login currently.   more...

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Gmail ignores dots..a gmail secret..

It is bit old but still a surprise for many.

What is your gmail id? is it ? so in the login page you will give as your Username, right?

But instead try “yourname” as username… Gmail allows you to login.  more...

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Simple & Compound interests..

Finally, I have launched my blog.. was thinking of starting a blog past few years..

I spent lot of time changing things to customize to my taste.

And this will be primarily a technical blog..

Most of you will come to the question “why are you blogging?”… well, the reasons are many, few of them are below..

  • When I see talented movies, I cannot stop me from telling my friends and asking them to see it soon, same interest occupies when I see some interesting programming or technology, a kind of interest to share, and will do that here
  • When I write articles and receive reader’s e-mails it's encouraging, more encouraging & interesting when I realise that I am glad it helped others trying to tackle something

As most bloggers say, this is also beneficial to me, so I am not wasting time..

  • It is a place where I can note down things I face in computers, programming & technology, so it could be a good and easy reference for me
  • Also can note things I learn, mostly things I doubt as rarely used. Brain isn’t great in storage(of high level details), I can store here!, this might help me/someone later
  • Next is not quite simple point..
    To Prevent someone teaching me Notepad or giving me a 1000 page book on “How to use a Mouse” ;).. .. I use to remember Hulk’s “Don’t make me angry, you wont like me, when I am angry”, or Arnold hitting the car seller in True Lies… seriously it’s intolerable, would you accept? if someone Forgetting your expertise(or doesn’t care), and starts explaining you something silly or something you could be very familiar or argues, and goes on explaining without understanding or giving you a chance to remind your expertise in the matter... mmmmrrhhh grrrrrhhhh… :P
    (some cases, politeness is misunderstood..)
  • Last not least, can point someone about a point written here and save time


  • etc…


A blog post is interesting with your comments, just type what you feel in the comments, anything..


Why “code smiles” ?

What else should we ?


Blog engine

I can’t conclude without thanking BlogEngine.Net on which my blog runs(The layout & design(blogengine theme) is my own and some functionality is changed by me). It is an open source blog engine developed in Asp.Net and it is great. It’s simple to use as many say, and just requires few minutes setup.

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