Want the dark font color scheme in Visual Studio 2010/2008 ?

If you like the dark color scheme available in Visual Studio 2012 and would be happy to have the same in your Visual Studio 2010/2008, you can have it for at least the code editor font colors by downloading the themes from studiostyl.es. (Note that white-on-black (dark color scheme) is easy on your eyes than usual black-on-white)

I was wondering if anyone could have made a theme based on Visual Studio 2012 and went to studiostyl.es and searched then got couple of dark themes based on Visual Studio 2012 code editor font colors.

One seems to be made using Visual Studio 11(2012) beta, you can get it here. I think this one looks more accurate.

Visual Studio 2011 beta dark color scheme

..and the other one made using Visual Studio 2012 you can get it here.

Visual Studio 2012 dark color scheme

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Visual Studio 2010 Extension for collapsing solution explorer items

I have recently realised how folks get significantly uncomfortable and could also loose little amount of productivity speed when navigating Solution Explorer which is in a state of mess due to randomly expanded and collapsed Solution Explorer items, it surely causes at least a tiny amount of lack of clarity.

The basic TreeView control or Tree control is a common windows control found in many places in Windows OS, including Windows Explorer. The same is found in Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer, for those who are not aware; this control supports some keyboard shortcuts, I mean whether you are in Windows Explorer or Visual Studio Solution Explorer you can select a node’s parent and use these shortcuts.

+ (plus) --> Expand

- (minus) --> Collapse

* (asterick) --> If you would like to expand recursively a particular item's child items

But there is no shortcut to collapse recursively.

Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer extension is available for Visual Studio 2010 that adds an icon to the Solution Explorer(shown below), clicking which recursively collapses the child items. You can press Ctrl + Alt + Num(-) - numeric keypad’s '-' to use it. This extension is better than the functionality in “PowerCommand for Visual Studio 2010” extension, as explained in the above link.


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