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Whenever someone explains some issue they are facing by sending some snippets of code which contains HTML with Javascript or CSS. I use this cool tool called and paste the code they send me in the relevant boxes for HTML, Javascript & CSS in the site and work on the issue.

I do this even if I have the full file set of code in which the issue is present in one part of the code set, this helps much in issue isolation.

So checkout!

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Accessing parent window from child window or vice versa in JavaScript – options explored

[Note: I wrote this article few years back, when I got few hours of free time to explore these; thought of putting it here as it has a set of different techniques which is helpful for someone facing this scenario and could be a reference for me, initially written for beginners/intermediates]

This article explains options available to access the data present in a parent window from a child window or vice versa in JavaScript. By telling the word Parent I mean the browser window that opens another browser window, the new window is what I call Child window.   more...

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