New ASP.NET project gives a great webapp template in Visual Studio 2010

(This post is part of Visual Studio 2010 series)

When you create a new ASP.NET web application in Visual Studio 2010, you are getting a project which has a good set of features built into it for you to get started quickly. In previous versions of Visual Studio, when you create a new ASP.Net project, you just get one .aspx page with a web.config file.



(Visual Studio 2010’s solution explorer showing the contents of a just created Web Application project)

Visual Studio 2010’s new project template has the following..

  • Master page – with menu, login view control, etc., has good div based layout with nicely used css styles. Along with two files based on master page(Default.aspx & About.aspx).
  • Stylesheet - with styles for most elements your web pages will be designed with, that you can customize as you wish
  • Forms authentication enabled – provides you with .aspx pages which implements forms authentication, like, login, register new user and change password, with necessary configurations in web.config
  • Web.config file with Debug and Release versions, including sample Web.config transformations that you most probably need
  • Web.config readily configured for ASP.NET Membership, Roles & Profiles
  • jQuery library .js files included with three versions of .js files – one with Visual Studio intellisense support, a normal one and a minified one-which is used for production.


This new project template would help beginners and people who are yet to get good overview on how a typical ASP.NET web site would be written.

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