Easiest way to Generate Insert Script in SQL Server

We all know that there is no handy built-in command for generating insert statements for the data present in a table in SQL Server (apart from issuing a Generate Scripts… command on the Database and choosing to Script Data also).


There is this tool called SSMS Tools pack which I am using for years that provides a handy way to generate scripts for various purposes including Insert statements when you just right click the table for which you need the scripts.


You can get the complete set of features provided by the tool here.

I’ll try to post about other cool features of SSMS Tools Pack in future.

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Have you tried AutoHotkey tool ?

AutoHotkey is a great FREE and open-source tool you can use to create hotkeys and assign them to commands that you can execute on your system. You are asked to create a script file with commands and then open it in the AutoHotkey program to use it. Commands are executed based on the hotkeys assigned to them in the script.

In the script, you can specify simple commands like the one shown below.

#n::Run Notepad

The above command launches Notepad.

# stands for Windows key, ^ for Control key, ! for Alt and + for shift

You can find more commands and general usage info about AutoHotkey in the tutorial page here.

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